Ideas to Help Reinforce Your Child's Learning at Home

September 05, 2018
Reinforcing your child’s learning at home is key to them retaining the knowledge they’ve been filled with all day! It also gives you insight to what they’re learning, how they’re growing, and where they could use some encouragement! These activities can be guided from the knowledge you, as a parent, gain from their weekly/monthly class schedules and the work they bring home!

1. Retell 

Have your child retell you what they’ve been learning about or their favorite story from school in their own words! Make this even more fun by acting it out!

2.Make it a Game

Have them identify letters on billboards, number on license plates, or objects in books! Get creative with it! You could go to the zoo and help them identify animal names or the park and help them find items in nature they’ve been learning about. Reward them with encouragement!

3.Make it a Show and Tell 

Children love show and tell! Here you child show you their favorite skills, whether its writing their name or counting to ten. Invite them to share these skills with other family members and friends!
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